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Linear actuators for your products

From production robots to surgical microscopes: ballscrews made by Hipp guarantee precise and fast linear movements. Our development know-how and the search for the best solutions are the basis of our work. Standardized procedures for various industries make quickly available results possible with little development and cost - in usual Hipp-Quality.

Five decades of experience

Five decades of experience

We have been continuously developing our products for over 50 years. We use the most modern manufacturing processes to manufacture the best screw drives for you.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

We realize your ideas when it comes to linear motion. We take over the development for you or manufacture according to your drawings.

Short processing times

Short processing times

With standardized processes and solutions, we offer you quickly available products with little development and cost.

Medical Technology

Nowhere else is precision as valuable as in medical technology. If people's health or even life depends on exact results, inaccuracies are out of place. For this reason, preloaded ballscrews from Hipp are used to control precision positioning tables for example in microscopy and imaging processes.

Measurement technology

The question of whether work was done exactly can only be answered with sophisticated measuring technology. In order to be able to assess tolerances in the 1000th of a millimeter range, the measuring technology has to work a little more precisely than that of production. Precision ballscrews from Hipp the measuring instruments - reliable and very precise.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is characterized by two key challenges: automation - at ever higher speeds - and ever smaller tolerances. Ballscrews from Hipp reliable basic work. Thanks to the highest precision, they are the key element for precisely positioning workpieces and tools in the manufacturing process.

Automation & robotics

More and more work is being done by automated systems and robots, controlled by artificial intelligence. The workflows of these systems carry out mechanical components. You have to implement the commands of the command center with the highest precision and speed. Hipp- Highest precision screw drives make it possible.

Solar industry

Photovoltaic and solar modules on roofs and in open space systems make an important contribution to covering energy requirements. The automated production of modules with thin-film technology requires the most precise movements of the systems. Ground precision ballscrews from Hipp offer extreme precision and enable fast working in clean room conditions.

Semiconductor and electronics industry

Electronic and semiconductor technology-based devices surround us at every turn. The most important parts of these devices are manufactured under clean room conditions with highly specialized systems and systems. Fast and precise movements of the machining processes are guaranteed by the world-renowned ground miniature ballscrews from Hipp.

Individual solutions

Hipp develops and produces screw drives and spindles as well as worms in all profiles that are individually ground to your needs. Our production program includes a wide range with many configuration options. In addition, we are happy to take on orders based on your drawings or we develop and produce according to your special ideas. Also in batch size 1.

Professional advice from experts

Karl Hipp
Karl-Josef Hipp

Managing Director
Sales, technical advice

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Matthias Hipp
Matthias Hipp

State certified technician
Mechanical Design

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Thomas Dieter
Tobias Dieter

State certified technician
Head of internal sales

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