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Quality promise from Hipp

For us, quality not only means producing first-class products, but also encompasses all areas of cooperation with our customers and partners, from order processing to after-sales service. Starting with the selection of suitable materials and manufacturing technologies, through the creation of an exact work plan, right through to the daily meeting, we have a close eye on all process phases to ensure the best quality. Everything for one goal: to deliver our customers the best quality at a good price on the agreed date.

ISO 9001 certificate

Certified quality management

Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. For us, this means that we do not leave quality to chance, but have developed fixed processes and structures to maintain and improve quality and implement it every day. For our customers, this means: Reliable quality at the highest level.

Hipp - measurable quality

Hipp stands for products of the highest quality, which is reflected in the efficiency, safety and lifespan of your products.


Product quality

We ensure the product quality from the careful selection of raw materials and suppliers to production and shipping to our customers and partners.

Comprehensive quality management

Comprehensive quality management ensures precision and the consistently high quality of all products throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The most modern means of production

The latest manufacturing processes and modern machinery, which is specially designed for parts with a high degree of customization, are the basis for the high quality of our screw drives - even for complex tasks.

Most precise test procedure

Our certified test procedure ensures that Hipp-Precision ballscrews control measurement technology in the 1000th of a millimeter range. In addition, comprehensive material and functional tests ensure safety in the process.

initial and continuing education

In our company, we train the specialists of tomorrow and promote the development of our employees with regular training programs.

Protecting the environment

Environmental protection is also part of our quality promise. For example, we have been using a gas turbine in our production since 2013 that generates electricity, heat and cold - as a local and sustainable alternative.

Cooperation with suppliers

We ensure the product quality from the careful raw materials and our long-term suppliers and partners support our quality standards and carry out quality controls in the incoming goods department, technical checks during production and before packaging.

Delivery on time

We ensure the product quality, the careful raw material and deadline commitments are binding for us: this applies not only to orders, but also to meetings and recalls. We ensure that our production orders are met on time and react early if there are delays.

Strive for improvement

We do not rest on the status quo, but question our processes in order to make them even better. With their ideas, our employees contribute to the improvement of products and internal processes and set new impulses for optimization.

Made in Germany

From development to the end product, we rely on German workmanship and the location Germany.

Ground threads for maximum precision

We only manufacture ground threads because they offer the highest precision. For the best running properties, our ballscrews are also equipped with a “Gothic arch” track profile. All ballscrews are tested and coded using the latest measuring and testing machines before use. We can send you the measurement reports on request.

Ground threads

Ground threads

Hardened ball tracks for spindle and nut

Hardened ball tracks for spindle and nut

Ballscrews according to tolerance classes 1 - 10 DIN 69051

Ballscrews according to tolerance classes 1 - 10 DIN 69051

Gothic arch track profiles for best running properties

Gothic arch track profiles for best running properties

Our focus: our customers

The focus is on our customers and their specific requirements. Together we develop an individual solution for every production process. The basis for this is our decades of work in thread grinding expertise and experienced employees with a high level of development know-how.

Whether batch size 1 or large series - we will find the optimal production solution for your technical and economic framework.

Professional advice from experts

Karl Hipp
Karl-Josef Hipp

Managing Director
Sales, technical advice

 07475 9519-0


Matthias Hipp
Matthias Hipp

State certified technician
Mechanical Design

 07475 9519-18


Thomas Dieter
Tobias Dieter

State certified technician
Head of internal sales

 07475 9519-34