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Would you like more information about our company or our products? Use the direct "wire" to us:

Karl Hipp

Adolph-Kolping-Strasse 3
D-72393 Burladingen

Phone 07475 9519-0
Fax 07475 9519-19
Email: post @ karl-hipp. De

Professional advice from experts

Karl Hipp
Karl-Josef Hipp

Managing Director
Sales, technical advice

 07475 9519-0

 k.hipp@ karl-hipp. De

Matthias Hipp
Matthias Hipp

State certified technician

 07475 9519-18

 Matthias.hipp@ karl-hipp. De

Thomas Dieter
Tobias Dieter

State certified technician
Head of internal sales

 07475 9519-34

 t.dieter@karl-hipp. De