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Below you will find compact knowledge about Hipp-Ballscrews. Find out about product variants, instructions for use, technical data and details, Gothic thread profile, assembly tips, certification and much more.


Various types of wipers, made of felt or plastic, for example, are available to protect ballscrews from dirt and contamination:

Standard wipers:

In normal applications, wipers made of POM plastic are used. For higher demands on temperature stability, special plastic made of PTFE can also be used.

Vulkollan wipers:

Vulkollan wipers are set apart by very good dynamic characteristics and high wear-resistance. The edges of the wipers are very close to the ballscrew spindle, thus reducing the loss of lubricant. The frictional torque of the ballscrew will be increased. These wipers are not available for all dimensions.

Felt wipers:

If the ball screw needs special protection against fine dust, the use of felt wipers is recommended. It should be noted that the friction torque of the ball screw drive is increased. These wipers are not available for all dimensions.

No wipers:

In an application without a wiper, a regular lubrication interval or oil lubrication according to ours Lubrication instruction be provided.

In order to prevent dirt from entering the nut system, additional protective measures such as a bellows may be necessary.

Radial loads

Radial loads can occur due to installation tolerances, but should be kept below 5% of the lowest axial load if possible.

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We develop and manufacture ground ballscrews and miniature ballscrews according to your requirements with the highest precision.

  • Large standard range for all possible types of linear movements
  • Individual products of the highest quality
  • Made in Germany
  • Solutions for measurement and medical technology, solar and semiconductor manufacturing

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Matthias Hipp

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